Monday, December 20, 2010

You Know You Are Losing It When...

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Those of you that read my blog know I am a Christian, wife, mom, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend. I'm a writer, ponderer (is that a real word?), romantic, nostalgic, and a teacher. I have my blond moments, melt downs, and flip outs. I prefer organization and can lean a little towards being compulsive....but, only about certain things. Believe me on that.

So, today has been crazy for me. I don't know if I'm coming or going. Or am I here or have I already left the building? You know what I mean? Haven't we all had those type of days?

You Know You Are Losing It When...

1. You find yourself standing at the kitchen sink, holding the sink strainer, and  are actually wondering what that gunk IS in there? And worse yet, how did it get in there?

2. Your elderly dog takes glucosamine. The meds are orange flavored. You contemplate tasting it to see if it really DOES taste like orange. Like the dog cares. He thinks it's a treat.

3. You start to watch the news while making dinner. Instead of truly listening to what is going on in the world, you find yourself staring at the news reporter, thinking that he has a huge forehead and he'd look a lot better if he styled his hair differently.

4. While driving into town today, your child mentions that something stinks in the mini-van. You sigh....and then turn up the talk radio station even louder. It helps to drown out the thoughts about what could be rotting in the back cup holders, or under the seat.

5. You "skate" across the kitchen floor in your socks, while holding a spatula, singing Christmas tunes...and your family members don't even consider that strange.

6. You sprayed way to much Yankee Candle, mistletoe scented spray on the fake Christmas trees. For the love of Pete would someone throw open a window...I think I'm getting a mistletoe buzz.

7. The collie (not the older dog) keeps dumping the entire bowl of dog food in the snow. Then hides the bowl.

8. You start to believe that you actually look pretty sexy in your "Clifford the Big Red Dog" apron, as you fix dinner.

9. You try not to think about the fact that the ground beef you are browning for dinner used to be a cow at some point. Sniff. Sniff.

10. Okay, so maybe I'm not certifiable.....unless you look under the word MOM. Then you realize that  losing one's mind comes with the territory.

By the way, the cat is staring at me as I type. HE KNOWS.


  1. Yes, we all have had days like that! Here's hoping that yours today will be better! Take care my friend.

  2. Is there another way to watch the news than to analyze every bit of the news anchors...oh man and when they are in HD..yikes watch out!
    As for your dog dumping the bowl... my dog is OCD.. if the bottom of her bowl is showing she walks over to the food container and lifts up the lid a million times until you get up and put just enough food to cover the bottom of the bowl.. *Sigh* animals.. aren't they fun? (and i have considered trying the bacon treats to see if they taste like don't feel bad)