Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What's Next?

This is ridiculous!  So now a person can't have kids over to their house, or babysit for short periods of time without interference from the government? Without licenses or paperwork........What happened to being neighborly? It's getting to the point where a person can't do anything without permission first.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

Simple Woman’s Daybook

Here is my Daybook entry for today ~ Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Outside my window. . . it is cold and windy.
I am thinking. . . that I love the cooler Fall weather.
From the learning room. . . I'm proud of my kids. They are getting a lot done!
I am thankful for. . . a warm house.
From the kitchen. . . I smell the apple cinnamon candle I am burning.
I am wearing. . . my Tennesse sweat pants and Tennessee T-shirt.  I'm all decked out with UT.
I am creating. . . a "creativity" list.  Artistic/creative things I want to do.
I am going. . .to go walking in the morning.
I am reading. . .so many things. Honestly, I have a couple of books going, plus magazines, plus the internet.
I am hoping. . . that the Lord shows Scott and I what He wants us to do.
I am hearing. . .FOX news on TV...Sean Hannity to be specific.
Around the house. . . I'm bringing out the quilts and blankets for the cooler weather.
One of my favorite things. . .quiet time to myself.
A few plans for the rest of the week. . . checking off things on my to do list.  That always makes me feel good!
Find out more about the Simple Woman’s Daybook at this site.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Are People Really This Crazy?

Just when I think this "messiah" mentality can't get much worse. It does.

What are these people thinking? This Little Light Of Mine is a RELIGIOUS song. The song is about how, as Christians, we are to bring light into the world.  These people have so distorted this song because they are replacing the light of the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY with the MAN Barak Obama.

I don't care what party a person is, this should be disturbing to all of us.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Benjamin Netanyahu

I watched Mr. Netanyahu as he spoke to the UN yesterday.   I found his speech to be bold and direct.  Refreshing, actually.  I wish there were more courageous speeches like his.  He spoke up and told it like it is. Good for him!  Quite frankly, I thought he showed remarkable restraint in his addressing the Iranian dictator, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's off the wall comments.  Ahmadinejad believes the holocaust is a hoax and that Israel doesn't deserve to even be a nation.   This is what Netanyahu and the Israeli people are forced to deal with.

If any of you missed it, please take a few minutes to watch the highlights.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Singing For The President

Several blogs back I talked about some books written about Barak Obama that are specifically targeting young children. I was concerned because I felt like the books were almost messianic in their text. I believe that reading biographies about a president is fine. Children should know who the president is and what he is about....but I also believe that there is a fine line between facts about a person that is in the office of president and making the president sound like he is MORE than just a mere man. Mr. Obama is not a savior figure and I don't like that tone to be used in literature for young, impressionable children.

This morning a friend sent me this video that she had seen on the internet.  This friend actually lives in Europe and she said that she finds this video unsettling. It reminds her of the historical videos of Hitler's youth. (Keep in mind that this friend is not American, she is looking at it objectively as someone not directly involved in the politics of the USA.)

This video disturbs me. It bothers me more than the books. Why? Because the children are singing (actively participating) about the president as if he is a savior figure.  I wonder if these  children's parents had to give permission for them to sing in this  little ensemble? Do the children even know what the words mean or are they just singing to the catchy tune? You better believe that their teacher, or music director or whoever the adult in the backgroud is, KNOWS.  Her political opinion is quite obvious.  Why not sing patriotic songs about AMERICA? Why sing about a single man? I was involved in the education system for 36 years of my 41 years of life.  First as a student myself  in kindergarten through college graduation, then as a public school teacher for 17 years, and now as a home schooler. Never did we have a song elevating a specific president like this video shows. Did we celebrate the office of president? Yes. On presidents day did we study the history of the presidents? Sure.  Over the years there were patriotic celebrations. But NEVER in all those years, in different school systms, in different states, in rural and inner city schools did I EVER hear songs singing the praises of just that ONE  man in particular. I feel this song steps over the line. It is alarmingly close to propaganda.

I believe that the office of president should be respected. As citizens we don't all have to agree on policy. We are allowed to voice our opinion. I do not appreciate that if, as a conservative, I disagree on something that Mr. Obama wants to do...that, that makes me a racist or unAmerican. That is a completely juvenile thing to say, and yet this is what is being tossed about.  I turn on the TV and the media makes me feel like if I'm not on board with the "changes" that are occuring then there is something wrong with me. That is ridiculous. I do believe there is a change alright. Just not a change that we all can believe in.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I just finished reading the newspaper/local TV new site from Knoxville, Tennessee.  I  recently moved from there after being in east Tennessee for 23 years. (Go Vols!) I like to keep up with the news of the area. I saw one article that talked about how liquid Tamiflu for children (or for those who are unable to take pills) is running low. Evidently the liquid they mix the medication with is being depleted.  I guess because of all the people who have flu symptoms and so the doctors give prescriptions for this Tamiflu. The article went on to say that this medication only decreases the flu by maybe one or two days because it keeps the flu virus from replicating.  Well, 2 more days of the flu or a medicine that costs in the 70-80 dollar range? A lot of people are out of work or don't have insurance so I guess if those people get sick they will just be forced to suck it up and tough it out.

The article went on to say that doctors are giving  Tamiflu prescriptions to family members of those that are ill. It is "preventative" to keep the flu from passing through the family. Hmm....... So, the other people in the family take the meds.  The next week they are out in the community (school, church, Wmart) and they come in contact with a person that has the flu (be it the "regular" seasonal flu or H1N1). If they get the flu, they'll need more Tamiflu, right? Since they already took it as a preventative will their Tamiflu medication not work as well this time?  And what again about the expense?

Seems to me that if a person is normally healthy, doesn't have a compromised immune system, or no respiratory problems then shouldn't a person's natural defenses kick in? I know the big Pharmacy companies are probably LOVING this because hey, let's face it, sickness equals money for them....and lots of it!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

H1N1 Flu Shot

So, I get up this morning and turn on the news.  I hear that the state of Massachusetts is considering making the H1N1 flu shot mandatory. This is crazy! The H1N1 is not really all that different than the regular influenza. Yes, people die each year from the flu. Most of the time they die from respiratory complications or because they already had health issues that were made worse because of the flu. This is not big news. Unfortunately, this happens. People die. We are not talking the Bubonic Plague ("Black Death") here. The CDC has given the symptoms of the H1N1 virus. Everyone hold your they are......The symptoms of 2009 H1N1 flu virus in people include fever, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body aches, headache, chills and fatigue. A significant number of people who have been infected with this virus also have reported diarrhea and vomiting. I don't know about you, but anyone that has been sick before feels this way, don't they? I still don't get it.

But why all the hoopla? Why is the World Health Organization calling it a pandemic? Why is our country freaking out over the flu? Why scare the ba- jeebies out of people? If this legislation passes in Massachusetts then officials will have the right to go into people's homes and quarantine them if they didn't get the shot.  If they still refuse, then they can be fined up to $1,000 dollars a day. For crying out loud!!! What is with that?

They want to give the shots to our children first.  Uh, no thank you to that. This particular flu shot is so new....they have no idea what the side effects could be. Does anyone remember the 70's when Ford had people get the flu shots for this same sort of thing, and more people got sick or died from the vaccination then anyone did from the flu outbreak itself!

I have had family members and friends tell me that their family doctors have told them that they are personally not getting the H1N1 flu shot, nor are they allowing any of their family members to do so.  What does that say? If the doctors themselves don't feel it's safe enough for their own families....then I am for sure not subjecting myself or any of those I love to it!

Now, some of you might be all gung ho on getting the H1N1 flu shot. Okay, that's fine. I've gotten seasonal flu shots for years, and so has my family. I'm not against vaccinations in general. I just don't like THIS one. I think amongst all this panic we need to ask ourselves, why? Who would benefit from scaring the public into believing we are in a global pandemic? Hmmm..........

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rush Creek --Part 3

Sorry that it took me a few days to get back to the conclusion of my history of Rush Creek series.  I just felt like I needed to talk about 9/11 and pay tribute to the ones who died on that fateful day.

So, on to the last history lesson of the Rush Creek Township of Logan County, Ohio.  I thought, since I am school teacher and have a love of history I'd talk about the first schools in Rushsylvania.  As a teacher Rev. W.W. Wright stands almost without a rival. He was a very popular instructor. The school sat atop a hill that looked out over the town and surrounding countryside. The district had about 200 students. These are the statistics as reported by the then Board of Education.  The property was valued at $3, 235.  Male teachers were paid $50 and female teacher $20 a month. (Wait a minute! How is that fair?)

The village was considered to have a "high moral influence". ....though like other places had its vagabonds and idlers.  Saloons were not in the village, though it had been attempted. These efforts always failed.  Public improvement was very high on the list with the residents of Rushsylvania.

I love the names of the surrounding villages. Big Springs (obviously named because of a spring located there) and  Walnut Grove (named for a lovely grove of black walnut trees)  are my favorites.  The names remind me of Little House on the Prarie.  Big Springs had a tavern, grocery and dry goods store, a blacksmith shop, a shoe shop and a large saw and planing mill. There were about 12 dwellings and around 50 people.  Walnut Grove was originally called Slim Town (after the man that laid out the town, J. Slim. ) but gained it's later name from the surrounding walnut trees.  This town is located on Mill Creek and had about 6 dwellings, one store, one blacksmith shop, and one church.

An fact that I found interesting was that the first church in the township was built by the Quakers. It was a log structure.  It was built sometimes before 1820.  In 1827 , the second church was built by the Baptists and called "Rush Creek Baptist Church".  It was also a log structure. Other denominations in the area were Methodists, Presbyterians, The Disciple Church, and a church in Equality that was no particular denomination. Also there were Indian missionaries that preached to to the native americans in their own language.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Watching The Coverage Of The 9/12 Project

Tens of thousands of people are in Washington D.C. today. They came from all over the country to show "the powers that be" enough is enough! Our government is out of control with the spending, the taxing, the taking over of things they have no business being involved in. Will our government even listen to the people? Do THEY reflect US or do WE reflect THEM?
It really isn't about democrats or republicans or independents. It also isn't about whether you love, hate or are ambivalent to Glenn Beck or Fox News.
It is about where are we headed as a country. People have a right to voice their opinion to their representatives. Town Hall meetings, tea parties, marching on Washington D.C. are all because people want to be heard.
Check out: THE9/

Friday, September 11, 2009

9/11-Never Forget

Alan Jackson sang so eloquently about what was on our nation's heart on this day 8 years ago. Never let us forget.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rush Creek History part 2

The first settlers of  Rush Creek township were the Stanfield family.  The family consisted of Thomas, his wife, and ten children. He had nine daughters and one son. They came to this area, from Tennessee, in 1805.  Shortly thereafter came William Hall, hailing from North Carolina. It just so happens that this family also had ten children.  The interesting thing is, they had nine sons and just one daughter. The mirror image of the Stanfield family! As it worked out, Thomas junior, the only son of Mr. Stanfield married Mr. Hall's only daughter in May of 1814.

Now Mr. Stanfield was a Quaker and actually got along well with the native american indians in the area. They visited with his family and actually had friendships with each other. This was the case except for one time during the war of 1812. As the story goes, during this time period the native indians became terribly upset with Mr. Stanfield. The plan was that the indians would massacre the Stanfield family one night as they lay sleeping. On this fateful night, the indians had quietly surrounded the Stanfield cabin, waiting for the darkest part of the night to make their attack.

Now, a Mr. Daniel McCoy who was a settler from a nearby town, heard of the plot that was about to unfold. He decided that he needed to do something and so set about trying to get some men to go with him to help save the family. Evidently, no one else wanted to get involved.  So, Mr. McCoy took some "good old rye" ( I guess to give himself courage) and jumped on his horse heading in the direction of the Stanfield cabin. When he got about a quarter mile from their homestead he had his horse gallop back and forth in the woods around the cabin. The whole time he was making the noisy commotion he was yelling,  "Here they are; come on!" , making it sound as if he had thousands of men with him. He went along with this facade for quite awhile making as much noise as he was able.  Finally, he galloped up to the house and told the Stanfields what was about to take place.  They all fled to a nearby town.  After some time they came back to their house, which had been left undisturbed. After peace came back to the area between the native indians and the settlers,  the Stanfields were told that Mr. McCoy's daring run that night had indeed saved their lives.

Mr. Stanfield and his wife, Hannah, went on to live for many more years. He dying in May of 1824 at the age of 76. Hannah passed in 1830 at what people guessed was around 80 years of age.  So, by my calculations the Stanfield's had to be in their mid to late 50's when they traveled and settled in Rush Creek township, Ohio.  I cannot imagine the hard travel and back breaking work it would have been to move and start over at that age. True pioneers, they were!

I hoped you enjoyed these stories that are apart of the Rush Creek history.  (for more information read the HISTORY OF LOGAN COUNTY AND OHIO written by: William Henry Perrin and  J.H. Battle and published by O.L Baskin and Co.  I have so enjoyed reading about the area of which I now live!)  I will be back tomorrow to share another interesting story with you.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rush Creek Township History

Some of you know, and some may not, that my husband and I and our three children recently moved to Rush Creek Township in Logan County, Ohio.  I have been listening to our new friends talk about the history of the area, read a book, and plan on visiting the local history museum in the near future. I've always found history interesting. I was the type of child that always picked out the biography books from the library. I immersed myself in stories of Annie Sullivan, Clara Barton, and Lottie Moon.  I'm a firm believer in not forgetting our past. Remembering is important.

So, it was not out of character for me to suggest to my husband on our evening stroll that we visit a cemetary. At the end of our road is an old cemetary named "Equality". I don't know the origin of the name (yet!) but, I find it a rather fitting name for a cemetary. It is true that death is the great equalizer, so the name equality speaks volumes.  While we were walking amongst the tombstones we were also reading them. The majority of the residents of this particular resting spot lived and died during the 1800's.  I believe we only saw one stone that showed a man that lived to be 91 yrs. 1 month and a few days.  Most people didn't live very long lives, if one made it to their late 50's they were doing well. Some of the stones were so old that we could barely read the information on them.

As I stood there in the midst of the gravestones, under the shelter of a large tree, I looked out over the fields that surround the area. The land itself   probably hasn't changed all that much in the 160+ years since these people walked it. Still open farm land, woods, and rivers.  I realize that there are many people that are unnerved by cemetaries and would choose not to step foot in one, unless absolutely necessary. To me there is something very calming about being in such a place.  The passage of time echoes down through the years, and for just a split second, as their names are read off and their ages calculated, they are remembered. They are real people, who had real lives. Happiness and the very same area that we  now walk. The names have changed over the decades.  We hardly hear the popular women's names of the mid 1800's any longer. Ethel, Agnes, Gertrude, Dalvina and Clara are but a few that called this area home. Life was hard. How heartbreaking it must have been for them to bury their young children, just infants or toddlers, because of illness. The illnesses that took their young lives would in this day and time just require a quick trip for antibiotics from the doctors office.

One young family rode their Conestoga wagon all the way from New Jersey to settle here in Rush Creek Township, Ohio. What a long trip. What a desire to start someplace new. How driven they must have been! To think that I had a difficult time driving from Tennessee to Ohio while we were building our house....but that only took me six hours! (and I certainly wasn't riding in a wagon all that way!)

Last night, my sweet husband found a book on Logan County history in a PDF file online.  What a treasure. I will blog about what we learned tomorrow in Rush Creek Township history part two.

Monday, September 7, 2009

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things...

Warm, cozy quilts and  snuggly old blankets

Soft glowing candles that smell like my spices

Football and Soccer and sports that I cheer

These are a few of the things I hold dear.

Steaming hot cocoa, that warms my insides

Apples, and pumpkins, I'm thinking of pies...

Pull on a sweater, and go for a walk

Call up a friend a have a good talk

These are a few of my favorite things!

When the frost comes

When the moon's full

When the leaves change shades

These are the things that I hold in my heart

and then I don't feel so bad!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Are We Looking At The Next Great Depression?

This is a very interesting clip that I think warrants a viewing.

Our government officials tell us that unemployment is at 9.7% right now. That is bad enough, but what about people that lost their jobs (that they had for many years) and are getting severance pay for awhile? They aren't considered unemployed yet because they haven't filed for unemployment.  What about them? What about people who are forced to take minimum wage jobs just to live, but it is not enough to cover their bills?

Scary to think about....but are we headed for the next Great Depression?

Friday, September 4, 2009

god with a little "g"

I know everyone has an opinion on Barak Hussein Obama. Me included.  Most of my readers know that I am unashamedly conservative. I don't require people to agree with everything I say....but I do hope I cause them to think.

Since the president will be speaking to the children of America next week, there has been much discussion about what he will say and how he will say it. Okay, I think the discussion and worksheets (pre and post speech)  are a bit creepy, but that is my opinion. Whatever. Due to all this hoopla I came across a site on material that is being "suggested"  for elementary school age children to read before the speech.  It is supposed to give the children a history of who they will be listening to, I guess. These books almost make the president god like.  It is scary. Really scary.

What other president of the United States has EVER been this deified? None, that I can recall. This president hasn't even been in office for a year, yet! Doesn't this sound odd to anyone else? It almost feels like propaganda. Start telling the children when they are young about how wonderful this president he is going to save the world. When they are older they won't question it, because they will have been spoon fed this from the time they were five years old.  Love him or hate's your choice, but one has to admit that this is a bit unsettling.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

This Makes Me Want To Become Violently Ill

Now The Children.....

Okay.  So the president is going to speak to the children.  I suppose having a president speak to students around the country isn't  itself a bad thing....but seeing what has been going on in this country since Mr. Obama became president, well that scares me. I don't trust him.  Not one bit.  Sure there are all kinds of  worksheet and discussion type activities that the teachers are supposed to go over with their students before and after the president's speech on September 8th. Maybe that will happen. Maybe not.

What exactly does Mr. Obama want America's children to know? To learn? Will he instill pride in them for their country? Or will he give them the idea that we should apologize to every other country in the world about how "bad" we are?  Will he let them know that, as they grow up, working for their money is a GOOD thing? Will he mention that the government wishes to control them and to make sure that they grow up expecting hand outs? Will he discuss bailouts and take overs? How about how to balance a budget?

So many issues so little time. How will he be able to fit that all in, in just a mere 20 minute speech?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's Not About Me

I have had several people ask me about my last post.  They worried that I was not okay. The truth is, the day I wrote that particular entry,  I was really down in the dumps. Obviously. Over the past year there has been a lot going on in my life, and the life of my family. (for my readers who don't know... this past year has consisted of: building a house out of state then having the house market tumble, my husband losing his job of 22.5 years right in the middle of our new house project, being unable to find a new job ANYWHERE--both my husband and I are college educated and neither can find a job, me hydroplaning during a storm and totaling my car, a flooded basement, the IRS telling us we made a mistake 2 years ago and we owe thousands of dollars WITH interest---there have been other things, but these are the major)

So, the day I wrote my last post I was feeling really bad. Lost. I was wondering why God was silent and where was He at anyway???? Doesn't He care that I'm in pain? Doesn't He care that we could lose everything? Isn't He concerned about the terrible, daily stress we are all under? Didn't He say He LOVED ME???

I will be honest. I've really struggled with our situation. I have been a Christian for 30 years of my 41 years of life. I've been through many situations in my life's  journey that have been difficult. Yes, even painful. But, God has seen me through. Yes, I know He loves me. He proved that by allowing His only Son to take my place and because of that I will not receive what I truly deserve. That alone should change my perspective. Thank you Lord for NOT giving me, what I so rightly deserve. Thank you for Your loving plan of salvation.

But....unfortunately my human nature takes over. I become selfish....and stubborn. Both things which, those of you who intimately know me, know I'm very good at. It is easy, when things are going well, to believe that this life is all about me. God chose to bless me because I'm such a good person. I try to live a good life. I try not to hurt others. I follow the rules.  The truth is, and this is hard to admit....but my heart is as black as the darkest night.  Left to my own devices I would choose what made ME happy, what I liked, did what I wanted to do. It would be all about me. Truth is, it is easy for me to fall into the selfish trap. When things don't go the way that I planned I become stubborn.  FINE! If I'm going to be treated this way, God, then I'm going to cross my arms and sit here until YOU fix it. So there!!! And God said, "Okay. I love you too much to allow you to sit there and pout......but, Dawn it's not about you. It's NEVER been about you. It's always been about ME. "

I'm currently rereading a book by Max Lucado entitled IT'S NOT ABOUT ME. In the very beginning of the book He discusses how we should be "sun reflectors" the same way as the moon reflects the suns light. The moon has no light of it's own, it only reflects the light of the sun. Without the sun the moon is nothing but a dark, pitted rock.  But, with the sun it makes the night time beautiful. With the sun, it shines.

This life can be difficult for sure.  It has it's ups and downs. The journey can be long and at least some of the time unpredictable and scary. But I need to remember that none of this is about me.  It's all about HIM. God never allows anything to happen without reason.  He sees the whole big picture, while I am left to only see life one moment at a time.  Just because I don't understand it...doesn't mean that it isn't right.

So, I'm working on being a SON-reflector. My hope is that through all this, when others look upon me they see HIM.