Thursday, September 3, 2009

Now The Children.....

Okay.  So the president is going to speak to the children.  I suppose having a president speak to students around the country isn't  itself a bad thing....but seeing what has been going on in this country since Mr. Obama became president, well that scares me. I don't trust him.  Not one bit.  Sure there are all kinds of  worksheet and discussion type activities that the teachers are supposed to go over with their students before and after the president's speech on September 8th. Maybe that will happen. Maybe not.

What exactly does Mr. Obama want America's children to know? To learn? Will he instill pride in them for their country? Or will he give them the idea that we should apologize to every other country in the world about how "bad" we are?  Will he let them know that, as they grow up, working for their money is a GOOD thing? Will he mention that the government wishes to control them and to make sure that they grow up expecting hand outs? Will he discuss bailouts and take overs? How about how to balance a budget?

So many issues so little time. How will he be able to fit that all in, in just a mere 20 minute speech?


  1. I don't know exactly what will be in the speech on the 8th, but have you already seen THIS?

    I honestly would have told you yesterday that I was incapable of being shocked. Now, I'll take that back. I was actually nauseous after watching this clip. If I didn't already homeschool my kids, I'd be seriously considering it now.

  2. Not a good thing ! I am against the children of our schools being indoctrinated with more " politically" correct garbage . They should be told about politics by parents or family . Not a school system. The system is there for educatation ... reading -- writing -- math ! ( HENCE maybe Mr Obama should set in the 3rd grade math class and learn about subtracting ? Because it seems like he only knows how to ADD all the red numbers in his budget !! ) What does the president possibly have to say to children that he couldn't say in the evening when they are with their parents watching ?