Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ode to a Cat

Meow,Meow is what you say

Meow, Meow throughout the day.

You lay on my leg, my lap, my head

You want to be pet as you flop on my bed.

You follow me around and watch what I do

You're stuck to me like paper on glue.

You purr, and you snore and make other cat noises

You stir and alert if you hear other voices

But then it's back to sleep for a little "cat nap"

It's what you do best.......

Cat's purr, they snuggle and then they rest. :)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

All things idiotic

I saw a story on FOX news this morning about a newly wed couple who ended up in jail. They had just gotten married and were on their honeymoon staying at the Holiday Inn. The husband gives the wife a hard karate kick to the floor and when a couple of bystanders try to help her, she assaults THEM. Both the bride and groom ended up in the slammer for the night. The woman was still in her wedding dress! Can you believe how dumb some people are? I don't think a honeymoon spent in jail bodes well for this couple. I do not see wedded bliss in their future. We share this earth with some real winners.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Uh Oh, Not Again!

This morning Scott and I got a call from the front desk of the Comfort Inn that we were staying at in Ohio. Our van window had been smashed and the van broken into! Can you believe it? The second time in just one month. It felt very de je'vu to me. I'm sure I looked very attractive standing outside in the parking lot at 7:30 in the morning with my bright colored pajamas on, no makeup  and my hair sticking out at bizarre angles. Whatever. I was in no mood.... and I hadn't even had any coffee yet. The hotel called the police so we could at least file a report. (and yes, for your information I did tell the young officer that my Arbonne samples had been stolen and that I was a consultant with said company. He obviously was a very intelligent young man and did not say one word about me selling makeup and skincare when I looked so "early morning" scary. Smart  man.)  Some low life had found a piece of concrete ( a broken part of a curb) and threw it through the drivers side window. The person then snatched the bag that had my Arbonne samples in it. What is it with people? This is the second time that my samples have been stolen. The only thing that made me smile was the thought of some stupid , drunk guy (coming out of the hotel bar after midnight) seeing what he thought was a purse he could steal only to have a huge disappointment when he finds out he snagged a bag full of ladies skincare products. Serves him right! This time nothing else was taken. (thank goodness!) BUT we still have to repair the broken window. We were leaving this morning to come back to Tennessee anyway....but now we had to make an unexpected trip to Walmart for some clear plastic and duct tape to temporarily patch up the window for the 6 hr. trip back home. What a pain! Can I just say that going 80 mph down the interstate highway (um....I mean 70mph uh....that's the speed limit, right?) is crazy without a window. The sound of the wind beating against the plastic is deafening. The family had to scream at each other to be heard over the wind. We had to have the plastic because for half the trip it rained....and I mean major storming going on. Great, that made for even more noise! Oh yes, and before leaving we also had to go to the car wash and use the super duper car vacuum to suck out all the ba-zillion glass shards all over the car. When the window got smashed it must have exploded like the A-bomb because there were pieces from one end of the van to the other. So, not only did we look like the Beverly Hillbillies with our plastic and duct taped van, screaming at each other to be heard over the turbo wind whipped plastic, but Scott and I also got cut on some glass shards we had accidently missed when vacuuming.

I just don't get some people. This crime was obviously a crime of convenience. Smash the window with a piece of concrete that happened to be loose on the curb. Grab (what he thought was) a purse. I mean who does that sort of thing? No conscience. That is what really bothers me. I guess I like to think the best about people so when this sort of thing happens it really gets to me. It's just so wrong.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Plaza Inn

The Plaza Inn is in Mt. Victory, Ohio. It is a great little restaurant.  Scott had heard about it from several people and so we decided to check it out yesterday for lunch. We liked it so much we went back for lunch again today. We all enjoyed our food. ( I recommend the philly cheese steak sandwich, or the Plaza burger. Very yummy and really hit the spot..... the kids enjoyed the taco salad in an edible tortilla bowl...for family that plans on visiting us once we permanently move to Ohio, plan on at least one meal at the Plaza Inn restaurant!) Lisa was our waitress yesterday and she was so friendly. She treated us as if she'd known us all of her life. Today our waitress was Phyllis who wore a genuine smile on her face. We even met the owner of the restaurant  who gave the interesting history of her family's business. The family has owned the business there for 50 years. That alone should tell you something. Obviously, they are well loved in their community.

I think that the Plaza Inn Restaurant is the type of place that a person can go and be treated like a friend.  In a fast paced, crazy world where hardly anyone has time to even pause long enough to get your order, it's nice to know that in a small town in central Ohio there is a restaurant where time slows a little bit and one can just relax and enjoy a delicious meal with family.

Arbonne's Shampoo

I was telling my husband this morning that my hair was not its "usual" self.  (I didn't bring my Arbonne shampoo because the containers are so large.) I was forced to use the hotel shampoo and my hair feels flat and weighed down. ( Ick. ) I don't like it at all. I miss my self adjusting shampoo from Arbonne! The other day I was talking to a young lady I had given shampoo/conditioner samples to and she said she loved them! Her hair is treated and tends to be dry, after using the Arbonne shampoo and conditioner even her husband noticed how soft her hair was. Is that great or what???  While I am on the subject of hair...I really love the new Sea Source Spa hair masque too. It makes my hair feel like silk. I feel like a shampoo hair model. "Hello, my name is Dawn and I have awesome Arbonne hair!"

Friday, April 25, 2008

Very Genuine

Today Scott took me to meet with the Amish men that are making our cabinetry for our new house. I saw samples of their work and I have to say the cabinets are gorgeous! What craftsmanship. We also looked at the tools they use and all the machinery...all without electricity. It truly is amazing. There were also some beautiful secretary desks that they are working on. (I'll keep that is mind for future reference:) I feel very blessed by all the people that God has brought into our lives as we build our house in this new area.  Not only have we met some of the most friendly people around, but our house will be a display of such wonderful craftsmanship. Our house frame will be built by Amish men, as will our cabinets, bathroom vanities, and doors and trim. We are having concrete done with acid wash/stains. (if you have never seen acid washed concrete you can't fully appreciate the artistic beauty of it.) Everyone that will be working on our house have been so friendly and kind to us, above and beyond. Yesterday, we met the man who will be doing our plumbing, at his house....what a beautiful spread he has. 75 acres with a beautiful pond. He invited us over to his house to celebrate the 4th of July---well us, and 200 of his closest friends and neighbors:) Sounds like fun.

We went for a drive today with the kids and with Scott's parents. The countryside is just beautiful. Green rolling hills dotted with farms. It's picture postcard perfect.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Any Town U.S.A

We were driving back from Mt. Victory tonight...going through Belle Center. I mentioned to Scott that this truly looked like a stereo-typical mid west small town. It was a warm spring evening. Kids were at the corner Dairy Dip (I can't remember the actual name) getting an ice cream.  It was a building on the corner about the size of a large closet. There were a couple of large grain silos on the main street. I think they were still in use but I couldn't be sure. People out mowing yards, and others sitting on their porches on tree lined streets. Scott and I ended up on one street that still was made from brick. How old must that be? Do they still make brick streets anymore? It was just very peaceful. I cannot get over how quiet it is around here.  Having lived in a city for the past 16 years I've gotten so used to all the city noises....that real quiet seems even so much more quiet. Does that make sense?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Star Light, Star Bright

I'm blogging from Ohio tonight. My family and I made the trip here today. Not to far in the future, west central Ohio will be our new home. Tomorrow my husband and I will be going around and talking to various people about our choices for things for the house. What kind of windows? Doors? Stains for our cabinets? What color will the trim be? There are so many decisions that need to be made. We are going to have such wonderful craftsmanship with the people that are building our house. It's very exciting.....even if building a house is a lot of work. Oh well, several months of house building craziness traded for many years of home owning enjoyment. It will be worth it.

When we were out tonight I was struck by the beauty of the night sky. Twinkling diamonds of light against a black velvet sky. I stood in the driveway for several minutes just taking it all in. There is something peaceful about being out in the country at night. I did tell Scott that these rural roads would take some getting used to...... No street names (just numbers), no street lights (unless you count the moon), and there are a lot of deer around so one must drive cautiously. I'm pretty sure I'll love it.

Monday, April 21, 2008

I Have a Wish...

I really wish there was a way that I could let more people know about the opportunity that Arbonne offers. Yes, Arbonne has these wonderful skincare products, yes they have vitamins that are full of the nutrition that we all need, yes they have a beautiful color line, and yes they have recently created an awesome spa line.  All these things are great and I'm so thankful to Arbonne for their safe, pure and beneficial products.....BUT I'd really love to be able to reach out to more ladies that are looking for the OPPORTUNITY. This is a really great company to partner with, especially for women.  This is the type of career that one can make an extra few hundred dollars a month working part time or several thousand dollars a month as a full time business. It all depends on what someone wants for herself.  The possibilities are endless. I have truly been amazed at how helpful and encouraging the ladies of Arbonne actually are. They WANT to see me succeed. My success MATTERS to them. It is very unusual to see that kind of thing in corporate America. That is what makes Arbonne so unique.

I remember one day reading some Arbonne success stories and one of the ladies said, "if I continue to do what I've always done, then I'll always get what I always got." That's so true. If everything in your life is going well and you are happy with it, then that is GREAT!  You are indeed blessed...But if you wish you didn't have to trade your time for money at a job that you don't really enjoy, or you wish you had more flexible hours so you could be there for your children, or you long to not worry about how bills are going to be paid this month....then maybe you should consider Arbonne. Look down the road and into your future. What is your life going to be like a year from now?  5 years from now? 10?  Are you content with what you see? Like I've mentioned before so many people have dreams that are never realized, their dreams are tucked away and then slowly forgotten.....only to be dusted off every now and then. Dreams that were once so vibrant begin to fade.

For me, when I first considered the Arbonne opportunity I thought to myself, "What is my plan B?"  If life circumstances changed for me, would I be ready? It gave me food for thought.

If anyone is reading this blog today and what I've said has struck a nerve with you, why don't you send me a comment? I'd love to talk with you.....and who knows it could make all the difference in the world.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Doing Detox

Today I began Arbonne's 7 day Detox program. This program promises to rid my body of toxins. Toxins that I'm exposed too through pollutants in the air, preservatives (among other things) that I eat/drink, and even toxins that are a by product of daily stresses. All these toxins can cause fatigue, low energy levels, and body aches. Believe me, the low energy and the fatigue have become all to familiar to me lately. It's lousy to feel this I'm ready for a change.

It's time for me to purify my body... I'm drinking a beverage (throughout the day) of 32 oz. of water mixed with 1oz. marine botanicals. This will help me to clean and detoxify my body from the inside out. Last night I used the Detoxifying Hair Mask. I have to say my hair looks very shiny and soft today.  It feels very conditioned. The Detox tea helps to support my liver which is the bodies natural purifier. The rescue body wash is a gentle, purifying formula  that protects against free-radical damage and lays down a protective moisture barrier on the skin’s surface. Everything works together.

I'm anxious to see how I feel by Saturday evening. That will be an entire week on this detoxification program. I'm looking forward to some renewed energy, and a healthier body.

Other people have to pay hundreds of dollars to have just one detox spa treatment at the trendier spas around the country. I get to enjoy this for just a fraction of the cost of the spa fees---and I can detoxify over and over again, as much as I want in the comfort of my own home. I love Arbonne!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Getting On My Nerves

You ever have those days when people just get on your nerves? You can't put your finger on it, you just feel irritated? Today is that day for me. I start out at court and sit for 2 1/2 hours waiting for the young woman who broke in my car to make an appearance.  She's there but the lawyers talk and are putting her case off until she can be tried with her sister (her accomplice) in May. She is 19 years old and is a drug addict. She'll probably have to pay restitution and go to rehab. There have been a lot of things that have happened today, nothing huge, just enough to drive me crazy. Not certifiable. Just enough crazy for people to look at me strangely.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Having A Good Hair Day

We women are an interesting lot. IF we are having a good hair day then everything else just falls into place. Bad hair day, well, just don't talk to us! For me yesterday was a good hair day. I had an appointment with Kristen at Salon Du Jour. She did a great job layering my hair. I don't know if my hair had ever been so full of shine and smoothness. When she got finished with me I had this unexplainable urge to swing my head around like a shampoo model. Of course, I bought a bottle of whatever it was that she put in my hair. The rest of the evening I went about my business, catching a glimpse of myself in the mirrors around the house...thinking "wow. girl you've got some good hair!".

That was yesterday...this is the morning of the day after. My beautiful hair has been slept on. I'm not exactly sure what it is that I do to myself at night to wake up with such uh....interesting hair. Ladies you know what I mean. One side flat, the other side sticking out at weird angles. I looked at myself in the mirror this morning and wasn't nearly as impressed with myself as I was yesterday. What happened to the shampoo model hair?

Now, the question is will I ever be able to do to my hair what Kristin, the stylist, did? Probably not. I can try but I don't have the gift. I know how to comb my hair and I'm fairly adept at a curling iron, but model hair??? I'm not so sure. I'm a little intimidated. Hmmm......I'm going to attempt to have a good hair day. For the good of the world....or at least for the good of my little part of the world. Hey people, I have my priorities! :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

They Get What They Deserve

I've been doing some thinking lately. (not that I don't think all the time) I've been thinking about criminals and court cases. I've been thinking about some moral questions about consequences of personal choices......

#1 I received a notice in the mail this week that I am to be at the court house this Friday for the case, State of Tennessee vs. Ms. Mobley. This would be the case against one of the lovely ladies that broke out the window in my car and stole everything that wasn't attached. People can say what they want, but I don't have any sympathy for her. I think she deserves jail time. (remember--prostitution, drugs, vandalism, and theft) Sure she had no role models and quite frankly her life probably was (is) a very dark place. I still think she had choices to make for herself and she chose a life of drugs and crime. Other people have had bad lives and they chose something better for themselves......She could have done that. For whatever reason she chose to be a burden on society. I think she needs consequences for her actions. She needs to understand that what she did was wrong. I don't know if she'll actually be sorry. I don't know if she even cares.......and that is probably the saddest thing to me. Total apathy.

#2  Now on a much bigger scale, and a much more profoundly sad note...We, in Knoxville, have a case that has gone to court and we are now waiting for a jury decision. A group of black men carjacked two young, white people in their car in January of 2007. The young woman and her boyfriend were taken back to a house and both were sexually assaulted in ways I can't even write, tortured, and brutally hurt in ways that are too difficult to even think about. The young man's body was then burned and thrown on train tracks. The lady was ravaged for a couple more days then wrapped in a plastic bag and thrown in a trash can where she suffocated in a slow, agonizing death. These animals that did these things were eventually caught. One of the men just had his trial and we are awaiting a jury decision on his fate. Of course race has been brought up. I don't understand that at all. What has race got to do with this? Really, not a thing if you ask me. What they did was not racially motivated at least not in the beginning....they wanted an SUV I guess. But what happened next can be nothing but a hate crime. If all they wanted was a car then why not just throw the people out and take off? Why torture these people and kill them in the most violent way? What has to happen inside a persons heart to allow them to do such awful things to another human being?

Some family members of the carjackers are saying they aren't bad people....they were mixed up with the wrong crowd....How hollow is that? This was not even a shooting, which is terrible enough. Sometimes a shooting happens because of stupidity or an act of anger. The person isn't really thinking. This case is on an entirely different level. Once they had these kids they kept them for quite a while before disposing of them. It's sickening. How dare anyone make excuses for such animalistic behavior. In cases like this I think they need the ultimate punishment. The death penalty is called for. My opinion is that when they chose, in a premeditated way, to torture and kill two human beings they at that moment chose to sacrifice their own lives.

Monday, April 14, 2008

A Little of This...A Little of That

First of all I was looking at my blog map this morning and I have several new people (to already add to my ever increasing list) reading my blog....the latest are Chicago, IL, State College, PA, Franklin, TN, Altavista, VA, Manchester NH, New Haven, Conn, Portland OR, and Blaine, WA. Wow, I have so many people reading my blog. I'm really amazed. I've also gained readers in Canada, Denmark, Poland, Brunei, and Australia. The internet is really amazing isn't it? I enjoy spending some time each day "talking" with you. It's fun!

Now, on to a new topic. I want to go see that new movie that is coming out this Friday that stars Ben Stine. It is all about Intelligent Design. I watched his interview this morning on FOX news. He said that he has found out that scientists are not allowed to mention Intelligent Design at all....they must stick to Darwinism or they will be shunned, fired, laughed at by the scientific "elite". Won't it come as a huge shock to these same self assured scientists when one day they stand before the Lord and He says, "Why did you not see Me in the beauty of my creation? How could you use those analytical brains I gave you, and yet be so ignorant of My existence? The way cells divide and become organs in a developing baby....the way chlorophyll is used in plants....the exact position of the Earth from the Sun, the spectrum of colors in the rainbow, the way bees make honey, the change of seasons, a human's respiratory system, the tide, Earth's gravity, human emotion... the list could go on and on. Darwinism tells you that humans evolved from lower life wrong you are! I lovingly created you. I knew you when you were still being formed in your mother's womb. I know each hair on your head. I have your days numbered and know each breath that you take. I created you so we could have a relationship, and yet you push Me away with your skepticism and hard edged doubt. I am the greatest scientist that there ever has been or ever will be. Nature itself cries out my name and gives light to a Creator. Open up your stubborn eyes and see Me.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

NTC 2008 in Atlanta, Georgia!!

Well, I blogged a few days ago telling you that I was going to Arbonne's Nat'l Training Conference (aka NTC).

I managed to survive Atlanta traffic. It was a good trip and an easy drive until I hit the outside of Atlanta, then it turned into the Daytona 500. I made it in one piece:) I got to the Hyatt where I was staying and had to have the valet park my car.....I found out this morning when I left that it was to the tune of 72 bucks to park for 3 days!! I'm not used to valet---and I guess that is reasonable for that sort of thing...but still. I'll admit, I'm cheap sometimes:) I learned a lot at NTC and attended many great trainings. I came away knowing that Arbonne is definitely the company for me!!

The only thing that drove me a little nutty is the shuttle service back and forth from the Georgia Dome. (Where our group speakers were at) 16.000 women (and a few men) get tired, after sitting in stadium seating, standing in line to get a quick meal, standing in line to go to the bathroom, and then standing in line for a shuttle. We almost had a mutiny on Friday afternoon when the bus stopped and got the wrong group of people...the ones that hadn't been waiting as long as some of the rest of us!

Arbonne has a new Detoxification Spa Line that is truly the most amazing product line ever! I am already in love with the Sea Face and Body Mask, and I've only sampled in a couple of times! Of course when I put it on at the hotel the first night we got the samples I gave my roommates a little scare. Because it has algae in it, I looked like a cross between a soldier who has on green camo face paint, and the legendary Swamp Thing. My roommate tried it out and she said she felt like the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz. Women will go to great lengths for we were detoxifying our skin. That is my story and I'm sticking to it.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Not Norman Rockwell...

I thought I'd blog this for everyone just so you know the latest details/follow up of the saga of my car break in....... Yesterday Officer (detective) S. called me and told me they had much of our stolen property found and 2 females in custody. Could I come in (today) and sign off on their warrant? Well, I drove downtown to the City/County Building and met with him. Here is the entire seedy story for the curious minds that would like to know........

I already wrote about the man from my church that had his cell phone stolen that same fateful day. Well, he got it back from that lady who said her son "found it". Whatever!! Turns out that woman is not only mother to the 13 yr old boy, but to his two sisters (over 18 yrs. old) who actually were the thieves. This is the interesting part-----once the man from my church got his phone back from the mom, he turned it in to the police who were calling the numbers that she had put on the phone....(stupid!) In the meantime one of her daughters was picked up for prostitution on Monday night. She and her sister "work" out of the Motel 6. Isn't that special? So anyway, the police have this woman in the slammer. She is a crack cocaine addict and is getting antsy without her drugs. She starts telling on herself and on her sister.....singing like a canary. In the meantime the detective is putting the numbers from the phone, with the lady in the jail and it's all starting to come together. So, the sister in the jail tells on her other sister and the police go to the Motel 6 where they find her---and she is cooking meth (the officer said he saw a pic of the this girl from a few months ago and she was attractive now just a few months later she looks like a hag, sores all over her face, that's what meth does)---and she is caught red handed. They also find quite a bit of the stolen property in the motel room. So they haul her off to jail. Both sisters tell on each other and confess to everything. I had to sign a warrant against them. I have to go to court, probably sometime within the next month over this whole matter. Hopefully, other people will also press charges. So the girls are drug addicted prostitutes. Oh, the officer said the mother of these two wonderful women also has a rap sheet a mile long full of drug related crimes and the apples are not far from that tree, huh? What a sad existence for human beings. Utter depravity. I ended up getting my samples back, and our cell phone chargers. Our GPS is at Valu-Pawn, and the MP3 player is at a Used Book store. (you can also trade in small electronic's there) Both of these places have been notified and our items are on hold. I can't get them back until the the day of the court appearance--I have to get a judges order so they can release these items to me. Our TV is gone....and who knows where. So much for returning that to Walmart for an exchange.
So all in all, I've had a very eye opening experience today with the seedy underbelly of the dregs of humanity. I told the officer at first I was shocked, then angry, and now I just think the whole situation is sad. People actually live like this. So sad. (but I'm not so sad that I didn't press charges.....they need to suffer the consequences of their poor choices). Oh yeah, the one sister has 2 children a 3 yr. old and a 1 yr. old and guess who has custody/guardianship of them? Their granny!!! And my hasn't she done such a good job with her own children? A son in 7 different foster homes, and 2 prostitute/druggie daughters. Sooooooo Norman just gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I Hate A Cold

My head is stopped up. My nose is stuffed up and I can't breathe! Okay, so I guess I can breathe or I'd be dead, right? But you know what I mean. I can't breathe as well. I don't like breathing through my mouth....I don't fully appreciate that nose of mine, until it's stuffed up and unusable! You'd think all this sneezing that I'm doing would unblock the stuffiness, but that would be a big NO. Sneezing can be dangerous....especially, when one is driving down a main highway at rush hour, with lots of traffic and a big sneeze happens. (Don't look at me! I didn't say that it was me...hypothetically people!) Now, I don't know about you but I can't sneeze with my eyes open. Even if it's a split second, I have to close my eyes. That is okay unless one is very close to the car in front of them. Hope a car doesn't stop while my eyes are closed!! I mean I guess it's alright... law enforcement can't really ban sneezers from driving, can they?

Monday, April 7, 2008

Dumb As A Box Of Rocks!

Okay, normally I do not resort to name calling but this is an exception to that rule. There are people that walk this earth that really ARE as dumb as a box of rocks. This is a true story. I know it's true because it happened to me.  Remember I told you that last Sunday my car got smashed and my property stolen? Well, this week the officer on the case called me. He wanted to double check some serial numbers. He told me they suspect (and are pretty sure) that this 13 old boy ---and his mom did the heist! (which would explain why $100 of my Arbonne product samples were stolen out of my car. The crooked mom wanted soft, smooth skin! Can you believe it?!) So anyway, yesterday at church I find out that one of the men at my church whose car was also broken into, had a cell phone stolen. This man decides to call his number "just to see what would happen." A woman answers the phone! He tells her, "listen lady you have my phone and it was stolen and I want it back." She TELLS him where she is at and to come and get it! He does and she claims that her son "found" it behind a grocery store. PUH-LEEZE! Even if that was remotely true, why would you take the phone and make it your own???? Who did she think was paying for that phone service???? DUH. The really funny part, and the part that makes her one dumb bunny is that she left all the numbers on the phone that she had put there, when she gave the man the phone back. The man turned it into the police who have been following up on all the numbers and getting quite a story. HELLO. Let's just rob someone then turn around and lead them right back to yourself. Stupid. But I'm glad she's stupid because it's really helping the officers on the case. She should be on that video for Worlds Most Stupid Criminals. haha!!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Atlanta Traffic

I'm going to Atlanta this week for an Arbonne conference. I'm looking forward to the conference. It will be awesome to see thousands of consultants all in one place. I love "Hot-lanta" and am glad the conference is there this year. It's an awesome city! But, I have to be honest---I'm NOT at all thrilled with Atlanta traffic. Anyone who has ever been to Atlanta knows what I'm talking about. Don't you love you're driving along all the sudden there are 8 lanes of traffic (how did that happen?) and you realize that you are lost. Not only that but then you realize that you are in the far left lane and you need to get off so you have to cut across several lanes of traffic. People are not impressed and are not afraid let you know it, with some unfriendly (where's the southern hospitality:) hand gestures and honking. Ahhh.....what fun I have to look forward too!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

House Plans

Scott got our house plans in. The man who drew up our plans (from Scott's drawings) did a great job. Wow, is all I have to say. I can't wait to get this building up! It is pretty exciting stuff. We will have plenty of space. I cannot wait!!! We are considering a game room like my sister has at her house. Why waste all that upstairs space under the eaves of the roof? It would be a nice place for my son's air hockey table and maybe a new ping pong table. Each step makes the whole house building adventure even more exciting. Everyone is chomping at the bit to get it started....if only the Ohio weather would cooperate! We really want to break ground THIS MONTH, so that we can get into the house before that same Ohio weather gets too cold!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What A Ride!

Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty, well preserved body but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out and loudly proclaiming, Wow! What a ride.

God put you here at this time, in this place, for such a time as this... He has a purpose for you. He has a plan for YOUR life. While you're here you may as well give Him a good show!

I Made It!

Sorry I didn't blog yesterday...I so was busy!Brittany and I had a challenge to see who could make the most "last day of the month" sales for our Arbonne business. It was challenging, but fun! I made the level of District Manager! It is official today. (funny isn't it that my first day of DM is on April Fools Day----please no comments from the peanut gallery!) I'm really psyched up over it. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Special Education. I loved working with children and was grateful to have the opportunity to teach....but I have to say that I'm now learning a lot about the business world and how it works. I could not have chosen a better company to partner with. Arbonne is a GREAT company to work for. I get to meet new people, make some new friends, have fun parties, introduce people to Arbonne's wonderful products AND the company compensates me well for my effort. It is a win-win situation.

By the way, I'm glad I had such a good day yesterday. It helped me to feel better after my terrible day on Sunday. (the smash and grab car break in) I got my car window replaced yesterday morning. The employees at the auto shop could not believe that thieves would smash into people's cars in a church parking lot during the worship service. Well, I said, they do and they did. I got to thinking about that yesterday while I was waiting for the repair. Obviously there are people out there that have such little (or no) conscience that it means nothing to them to have stolen someone else's hard earned property. They place very little (if any) value on what is right. To me, that is just so sad. These types of people can never truly be happy. They can't look in the mirror each day and be proud of their accomplishments or anything good they've done....they are just surviving. It's just plain sad.