Friday, September 4, 2009

god with a little "g"

I know everyone has an opinion on Barak Hussein Obama. Me included.  Most of my readers know that I am unashamedly conservative. I don't require people to agree with everything I say....but I do hope I cause them to think.

Since the president will be speaking to the children of America next week, there has been much discussion about what he will say and how he will say it. Okay, I think the discussion and worksheets (pre and post speech)  are a bit creepy, but that is my opinion. Whatever. Due to all this hoopla I came across a site on material that is being "suggested"  for elementary school age children to read before the speech.  It is supposed to give the children a history of who they will be listening to, I guess. These books almost make the president god like.  It is scary. Really scary.

What other president of the United States has EVER been this deified? None, that I can recall. This president hasn't even been in office for a year, yet! Doesn't this sound odd to anyone else? It almost feels like propaganda. Start telling the children when they are young about how wonderful this president he is going to save the world. When they are older they won't question it, because they will have been spoon fed this from the time they were five years old.  Love him or hate's your choice, but one has to admit that this is a bit unsettling.


  1. I read this blog the other day (no idea which one!) that made an EXCELLENT point. Are we sure this is any different from any other day the kids are in school? I mean, they may be being indoctrinated every single day and parents don't have a clue. This time, it's just more blatant and thank goodness people are noticing, but for goodness sakes I hope everyone wakes up and realizes the teachers and schools can say whatever they want whenever they want and most of the time, we are none the wiser.

  2. I saw those same books listed somewhere yesterday. Oh. My. Goodness. The man is not the savior of our world. I thank God DAILY that my children are being taught by ME and not the state.

  3. I went directly to the dept of Education's website. Nowhere does it list that these books are required reading (or any book that I saw, for that matter), the only place that I have seen is this blog that's been posted. I saw PDF's of suggested activities, but no book lists. Can you send me the .gov link on Dept. of Education's site where these titles of recommended reading are?

    It is ALWAYS your choice of how to raise your children.

    If you are right, then, by God, I understand and stand by you in being upset. But if they are not there, what this has communicated to me is that if someone doesn't agree with you, the solution is to shut down and not listen.

    I have to ask: How is this a good lesson for any future generation?

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    thanks for your time.

  4. Just another example of lies and distorted truths by the right wing...There is NO SUCH list of books the children are "expected" to read before the broadcast. The only instructions are to the teachers, suggesting that they read or have the children read "books about presidents or Obama" and ask general questions about what it is that presidents do. People, get a grip on reality!!!

  5. Did you read the excerpts of those children's books that I linked to this post? I still stand by the fact that those books make a good case for making Mr. Obama sound like a god. For crying out loud! He was BORN to be the bridge that brings the people together? It's as if he had a "mission" from birth. Um....from what I've seen it seems like Mr. O has done more for pitting people against each other,than bringing them together. By the way, the author of the second book I mentioned was interviewed last week for the Pittsburgh-Gazette. This is one of the actual questions and his quote.

    Q: Is there a thematic strand running through your work? What message do you want children to get?

    A: Interesting question. It was pointed out to me recently by an editor that all my books seem to contain a subversive subtext that could more or less be summed up as, "Don't be afraid to challenge authority." That may be true, but it's not "the message" that I am necessarily trying to get across -- at least not the only one.

    Read more:

  6. You still never admittted that you used incorrect information. You apparently were using the "information" put out by PUMA, saying that certain books were "expected" to be read by students prior to the broadcast. This rumor has now been debunked; unfortunately, the damage has already been done, as several bloggers didn't check their facts before quoting this mis-information. I think all people using the internet for their views owe it all to at least check their "facts" before they publish them. Oh by the way, I think many people thought of Reagan as God!

  7. Anita weither it is incorrect information or not, how do you explain the writing in the book that makes Obama sound like he was born for this, like he's the next messiah, prophetlike That makes me sick weither it required to be read or not and children should not be brainwashed like that.

    So even if it's not required it still sick and I would never let a child read that. Sounds like to me if children read this book they are going to idealize him like Jesus and that is wrong

  8. The only point that I was making was that we need to use correct information in making arguments or it makes all your arguments/discussions sound ignorant if you are not using the correct facts. I was not taking up for President Obama, nor have I read the book in question in order to comment on it. Also, you misspelled "whether" (twice).