Friday, December 3, 2010

Time Doesn't Stop

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As I was getting ready this morning, a thought struck me. I don't know why this particular thing hit me, on this particular morning....but, it did.

10 years.

A decade.

I'll be 52 then.

That's all true...but, what really hit me is that my kids will be gone. Gone. Gulp.

I talk a lot about my teens. How they are loud, funny, stinky, cute, silly, intelligent, serious, and all around goof balls. I sing the joy of the "empty nest". And yes, I do think I will enjoy that part of life.

Just not today. I practically burst into tears thinking that 10 years from now I will have two 25 year olds and a 29 year old. Sniff.

I really don't have that much time left.Truth be told...they are almost to adulthood right now.

And I will miss them.

A lot.

My 15 year old son was just 5, ten years ago. A mere baby. A kindergartner. We had just buried his father the month before. He dealt with a lot for only being 5. I think back over the last 10 years and how quickly time has gone by.

Then I think of how quickly the next 10 years will go by...

Graduation, college, jobs, career, marriage....maybe even grand babies.

I don't know if I'm ready for the next 10 years.

I want time to slow down for a little while. Please?

More time for holding them close, more time for hugs, and kisses.....More time for goofiness before the responsibilities of life set in....More time of just being together.




  1. I am 52 and my three children are all independent adults and IT IS THE BEST TIME! Freedom, time, indulgence, time to engage with your children as adults. WONDERFUL!

    Don't wish your life away, but there are many good things to look forward too!

  2. Your singing my song... I've got two older children that are still living at home with me--my daughter is 19 and in college, and my son is 16 and a senior in high school. I see that time flying by, also. I love the young adults they are growing up to be, but I do miss the times when they were little and get nostalgic every now and then about their early years. You know, those times when I could still rock them to sleep and would just sit there with them asleep in my arms, for as long as my arms would let me, just so I could enjoy that time with them. Or when I would read them stories in the afternoon and take naps.

    I guess I really just want us to always be close. So, I try to cherish every moment and hope they will always live close by where we can visit each other often.