Friday, February 25, 2011

Cold Beauty

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="240" caption="Image by David Hepworth via Flickr"]Snow Globe[/caption]

Yes. This winter seems unending. It has been cold and chaotic since the first snow fell on December 1.

And I stand at my kitchen window, I am amazed at the beauty of it all.

I quietly sigh. I stare upward.

White gray.

Snow blowing every which way. A blur of flakes.

Each one different. Unusual.

The scene before me resembles a snow globe that has been shook hard.

A flake frenzy.

Cold beauty.

Dogs with snowy fur.

Schools closed.

Gray sky filled with flakes.

The roar of wind.

I feel the need to snap a picture. To remember.

To pull out on the hot, sticky days of late July.

A cool memory to ease the pain of the heat.

Lord, I am thankful for this day you have given me.

And for the eyes wide see your gift to me.




1 comment:

  1. We have a rainy day in the 70s here in NC! I would (selfishly) love to see one more snow this year! But then I haven't had to deal with it like many others have--our relatives in TX, OK, and MO had an unusually cold winter!