Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Feel Just Right...

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A time of turbulence in the country.  Hippie peace lovers. Vietnam soldiers. Martin Luther King Jr. assassinated in Memphis. The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Weird cults. Rebellion. Rosemary's Baby and Guess Who's Coming To Dinner? OJ was a college star at the University of Southern California. Arthur Ashe, Peggy Fleming, and Detroit vs. St. Louis in the World Series. Jackie Kennedy marries Aristotle Onassis. Elvis has a comeback. The Mod Squad. The Andy Griffith Show, and Laugh-In. Nixon elected. Apollo 8.

In Spring of that year a baby girl was born in a small county hospital in Maryland.

That little girl was me.

Forty-three years have come and gone since then.

A lot has happened.

A lot good. Some bad. Much laughter. Some tears. Things that were a little scary. Some things hysterically funny. So many memories.

I've had a good life. Not everyone can say that... I feel so blessed that I can.

I'm glad to be 43 today.

I don't feel too old...and I don't feel too young.

I feel just right.

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  1. And, you are just right! These are some good times of life, that's for sure. It is hard to believe our ages though -- not that old but still, you know what I mean! Happy Birthday my friend!!