Saturday, October 9, 2010

Food Stamps

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New York officials are trying to say that if one uses food stamps he/she shouldn't be able to buy sodas or sugary foods. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Statistics tell us that 41.8 people in this country are on food stamps. That's a lot of people. Is the government going to tell all of them, what they can or cannot eat?

1. Do most people really WANT to be on food stamps?

2. Probably not, for the most part.

3. There are those who are " takers" who don't really mind to sponge off others....but, I think most people would rather not be dependent on the government for hand outs.

4. On the one hand...if a person accepts food stamps, should they have to adhere to what the gov't tells them to eat or drink?

5. Or is that too controlling?

6. Who believes that the gov't should become the food police?

7. Today it is soda, next month might it be cookie mix? or anything that has food dye in it?

8. When does it stop?

9. Shouldn't people be able to make their own decisions?

10. Some people will make poor decisions and spend it on junk. They will have to live with the consequences.

11. Some people will choose wisely, and their health will benefit.

12. But the decision is theirs to make.

13. I mean don't we all have to make decisions that are best for us individually?

14. I'm going to be watching this story...

15. To see who wins this battle...personal freedom? or government control?


  1. Too much government involvement in people's lives.

  2. I have seen so much when it comes to food stamps. What I hate to see is they buy junk and spend all their money in the first few weeks then they don't have money for the rest of the month. The government is to blame they have allowed all the food additives,,,etc...that has people addicted.

  3. Nice post. That would make me mad if they stopped letting people by pop with food stamps, that would make them kinda like the food nazi's.

  4. I'm kind of on the fence with this one. Soda has one of the highest sugar and high fructose corn syrup content of any products. Twelve teaspoons for every 12-16 ozs ( When people consume mass quantities of sugary drinks it makes them want more and more food. With the obesity epidemic, it will be the state of New York also paying the medical bills for some of those on food stamps. I see their point and yours as well. Sitting on the fence is uncomfortable.

  5. Actually, obesity isn't an epidemic, most of the time when people become obese, it's usually their fault. An epidemic is like a sickness, nothing caused by youself, but by a sick person or people.