Monday, January 12, 2009

Washing Machine-0 Me-1

You know how people talk about missing socks and say the washing machine ate them? Well, I read an article about that, and it is true! Socks get sucked down and go out with the water when it drains and end up where ever the waste water goes...... Well, today one of my good black trouser socks almost met its grim fate. I saw it wedged in down under the agitator thingy-ma-bobber in the washing machine. Oh no you don't! You are not stealing my sock! I managed to wrestle it free from the jaws of my Whirlpool. Of course, in the ensuing battle of tug-o-war I think I stretched my sock out of all proportion. Now, when I wear my nice black trouser socks I will have one that fits and one that is all stretched out and resembles elephant ankles. You know some days it just doesn't even pay to try......


  1. I always suspected my dryer was eating the socks. Now I will never be able to look at my washer without wondering if it too is a sock eater! I also suspect the dishwasher is eating my forks - why else would four be missing?

  2. Tracy,
    I suggest looking for your forks in the sofa. If your house is anything like mine, certain snackers "forget" to return utensils to the dishwasher! It is amazing what one can find under sofa cushions....don't even get me started!

  3. Forkable snacks are only allowed at the table - even for hubby! I run a strict household. Ask Cole...he will tell you who the boss is! They fear me!