Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Bucket List ---Part 2

"We can change the world inside our own houses. Take the gift of this moment and make something beautiful of it. Few worthwhile experiences just happen; memories are made on purpose."
~Gloria Gaither
*** Most of the things on my Bucket List have to do with people and relationships. You know the saying (my paraphrase), "You might only be one person in this whole world, but you are the whole world to at least one person." In other words, I will probably never be famous or glamorous or wealthy but to my friends and family and those I come in contact with, I can make a huge difference. A real difference.

"Life is an adventure or nothing at all"~ Helen Keller
*** I don't think God put us here to sit around and moan and groan about life. Life is what you make it of it. Sure, no one has a "perfect" life...whatever perfect means. And really when you think about it, would you want a perfect life? Wouldn't that be boring? I like Helen Keller's IS an adventure because we never know what is around the corner waiting for us....and that my friend gives us all a good reason to get up in the morning.:)

I will share my own Bucket List in Part 3.

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