Friday, September 3, 2010

Fast Spiders

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Image via Wikipedia"]A spider[/caption]

1. Yesterday my son helped me to clean the pieces of wood off our front porch.

2. The wood is left over from the flower bed borders.

3. I moved a piece of wood.

4. I screamed. And danced around. Well, sorta. Kinda. A dance of terror.

5. I seem to do that a lot.

6.What's with me?

7. It was a spider.

8. A HUGE spider. A Godzilla size spider.

9. A FAST spider.

10. He came flying at me.

11. Not literally, but it seemed that way. At least to me.

12. I pulled off my flip flop and smacked him.

13. Spiders curl up when they are dead.

14. Good.

15. I'm tired of vermin in and around my house.

16. My house is just a year old. Vermin should stay away.

17. The spider had friends.

18. Some of them ran for their lives.

19. Some tried to defend themselves.

20. I squished them.

21. Sorry spiders.

22. I'm having company for dinner.

23. Which means I have to cook.

24. I think I'm making lasagna.

25. And something chocolate for dessert.

26. Because I love chocolate.

27 And since I'm the one cooking. I deserve it.

28. I love my family and friends.

29. They love me too. And they put up with me.

30. I am a blessed woman.


  1. Dawn ... you actually stood your ground and killed that thing????? Bravo for you! My family and I used to live right on the intracoastal waterway down here in Florida (read SWAMP) and we used to have these HUGE, aggressive spiders that always scared me half to death. They were the size a man's hand and all furry and fast. I shutter just thinking about them!

  2. We're having company tonight? o.O

  3. Kelly,
    A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. I smooshed those spiders flat. Your spiders sound worse than mine. Now I have the creepy crawlies......

  4. Yuck! I had a big wolf spider in the house come running at me...yes it too got whacked and died. It wasn't going to even think about retreating as I refused to sit up all night with all the lights on just so that it wouldn't be able to sneak up on me! I spent three days in the hospital due to a black-widow spider bite and it really hurt. Love your out for the creepy crawlies! Lila