Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ramos and Campeon

Ramos and Campeon are the two border control agents that were falsely imprisoned here in the United States. They were imprisoned for what?! For enforcing our borders between Texas and Mexico. They shot a KNOWN drug dealer as he tried to cross the border laden with around 800 lbs of marajuana...and they shot him in the buttocks ONLY after he attempted to shoot them first and then try to make a run for it. For that they got 11 year prison sentences! Where is the justice in that?! What is wrong with this picture?? So, before President Bush left office he pardoned these two men. Thank you President Bush. The men are currently under house arrest--after leaving the solitary confinement of prison for the past 4 years. They will be completely free by the end of next month.
I'm watching an interview with Ramos' wife on the Glenn Beck show as I type. These men deserve a big thank you from this country. They were doing their jobs as border enforcement agents, and because of political red tape and shady officials (on both sides of the border) they were falsely imprisoned. We need MORE agents like these two men. People who will defend our borders from ILLEGAL immigrants/drug dealers/all kinds of other trafficking going on.....
I'll tell you what....I'm so glad that they are back home with their families and friends! I'll be even gladder when they are back on the job protecting this country. Way to go guys!

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  1. I agree. Their whole story has bothered me for the longest time, and I was so happy when Bush FINALLY stepped in and let them go! :)