Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It's A Southern Thing

For those of us that live in the south...we know that pinto beans and cornbread are a meal unto themselves. Add a little chow chow and onion to those beans, a little butter to top off that cornbread and well, you can't get much closer to Heaven on earth.
Pinto beans are also very cheap and cheap is good. This is especially true when one is trying to pinch pennies.
This morning I thought I'd soak some beans (for those of you not in the know--you have to do this to plump the beans up, otherwise they are like little rock pellets, plus soaking them gets any of the crud off of them--after all they are beans.) so I got out a big bowl and poured the beans in and covered them with water. Time went by and I got busy and forgot about the beans in the bowl. I then later went back in the kitchen and GOOD GRIEF!! It was like a take off of an old Japanese horror flick. Godzilla Beans taking over the kitchen!!!! I quickly grabbed the bowl and dumped the beans into an even larger container...they are still expanding. I forgot how quickly those little things can take on water.
The plan is to use some of them in my chili tonight and the rest are going in the crock pot for pinto beans and cornbread for tomorrow....and YES beans and cornbread are a meal down here. Ask any southerner. They know what I'm talking about.


  1. Best meal on earth, and probably one of the better ones in Heaven!!!

  2. We eat a ton of canned beans at our house, but I decided to give dry beans a try because they are much more economical.... I put the black beans in a giant pot of water, covered it, and left it to sit overnight as recommended on the bag. Well, the big red pot had been a Christmas gift from my aunt. Being so ginormous, it did not yet have a home in my kitchen and had been living on the counter for a month, which is why the sight of it didn't remind me that I had beans soaking. Fast forward more than a week, and I start to notice a foul stench coming from somewhere in the kitchen...lift the lid of the red pot and there are my nasty, moldy black beans smelling exactly like raw sewage. Ewww!