Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"Boxing" in the Dark

Yes, people. I have yet another Walmart story. What can I say? I practically live at the store. Here is the deal....I went to Walmart yesterday morning looking for boxes, since my family is moving to Ohio in the next few weeks. My job is to pack everything in the house, and for that I need lots and lots of boxes! Well...yesterday I was told that I needed to call between 11pm-12am to make sure that the night stockers saved me some boxes. So I did that...BUT the night manager I spoke with told me I had to pick them up by 7am or they went to the trash. OKAY. I set my clock for 5:45 am. Ugh. After a minute of disorientation, I jumped out of bed, got dressed, brushed my teeth and was out the door. It is cold that early in the morning. My car windshield was frosted over and so I turned on the radio and listened to the local morning show while my car warmed up. Then it was off to Walmart!
I got in the building around 6:20 am. I was told my boxes were in buggies back near housewares. So off I went. I got my first cart, wheeled it outside to the car and unloaded the boxes into my trunk. Back in I go. I see another cart full of really good boxes--big ones--so I tell the lady with the Walmart name tag on that I am taking this cart. She said to me, "Oh hunny, I'm glad you came when you did. I was fixing to take it to the trash!" What!! It was just around 6:30. Shew! Grabbed it just in the nick of time. I told her I would be back to get the last cart in a minute. She gave me a look like "you better take it now or else someone might trash it." So, I grabbed the other buggy too. I'm pushing one and pulling the other and it is no easy feat because the boxes are stacked high and I can't really see to steer. I finally make it to the front of the store where there was a little old man greeting people. I say to him, "Sir, may I leave this buggy here and take this one out, unload it and come right back to get the other one?" He said, "sure I'll set the cart near the door for you." When I came back in....there was no cart! I said, "sir, what happened to the cart with the boxes in it?" He looks around mumbling that he just put it at the door and where did it go? About that time another elderly gentleman pops out from a side door. The first man says to gentleman number two, "Hey buddy, you seen the cart with the boxes?" Number two then replies, " The buggy with the trash in it? I moved it to the back." GOOD GRIEF!!! He takes me to the back where I end up getting my boxes and schlepping them out to the car. Who knew getting boxes would be so difficult? This is some serious exercise.... I was exhausted by the time this whole ordeal was over with! To think that I get to do this all over again on Thursday morning at the Food City grocery store. I think I need a nap.

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