Saturday, February 7, 2009

Alert! Alert! Loungers On The Loose!

Yes. This is another one of my many, many Walmart stories. I can't help it. Stuff always happens when I go to Walmart. Today I went by myself to pick up the groceries. Yes, before you even say anything I already realize Saturday at noon is probably the worst time EVER to go shopping. Oh well. I'm just crazy that way. :)
Here is my beef. Women wearing their pajama bottoms out in public. Now once in a great while I might catch a man wearing his pj's out, but usually this seems to be a female thing. I think this is a fairly new phenomena. Now, I'm all about comfort, but I would never even think about going out in public in my pj's/lounge wear. I saw a young woman in her pj's today pushing a cart full of food. I knew they were pajama bottoms because what 20-something wears pants with sheep on them? Cute sheep, sleepy sheep mind you...but sheep none the less. Not a good fashion statement. It isn't all about the younger crowd with poor fashion sense either. I saw a middle age woman in a pair of lounge pants with Nascar's Dale Jr. all over them. Once Dale Jr. but having his number all over one's derriere in public is not the most visually appealing statement one could make. One evening when I was shopping I actually spied a woman in her pajama bottoms and her slippers. Fuzzy slippers. The kind of slippers that slap,slap,slap as one walks. I hope she didn't think I was some sort of stalker as I followed her up and down a couple of aisles. I just couldn't pull my gaze away from the whole "full fledged ready for bed" look she had going on.....and she didn't even seem to care. Now, in the big scheme of things I suppose pajamas are better then some of the other outrageous get ups that have been forced upon my line of vision at public shopping areas. Young women who seem to think they look stylish by showing off their lacy undergarments to anyone who wants to look, because their shirts are so low cut, one false move and the trip to the store could turn X-rated. So much for choosing to leave anything to the imagination! I've even seen a granny in a spandex tube top last Fall. Yes. It is still burned on my memory. Now, granny gets kudos for bravery...but come on! All the spandex/lycra in the world is not going to save granny from gravity. We all at some point have to come to terms with this scientific fact.
After I got home and unpacked all the groceries I went back to my bedroom. There laying on my unmade bed were my pajamas. Just so you know I do not plan on wearing my hot pink polka dot pajama bottoms out in public. They are cute, but the only people that are going to be seeing me in THOSE are my family members....and that my friends is how it should be.


  1. Tee hee, I live in a college town and PJs are standard Wal-Mart shopping attire. Pajamas for the girls and shorts for the boys, no matter the weather. My ten year old daughter recently requested permission to wear her pj's shopping because "that's what all the teenagers wear". And I let her.

  2. LOl that's crazy.
    I just wrote about the pajama thing myself

    I have been noticing it myself and am frustrated by it. I hate it they need to stop that stuff.

    Maybe I should fluff the belly hair and manthong it.