Friday, January 14, 2011

Blood Curdling Screaming Coming From A Cart

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I went to Walmart this morning. I had some grocery shopping to do. I don't really dig the grocery shopping part, but I love the people watching. That store tends to be a veritable petri dish of characters. Today there was a little girl who kept me entertained. She was a screamer. You know the kind I'm talking about. It started out as a whine. (bless her heart, she was probably needing a nap) Then a "Moooommmmmy!!!". Mommy ignored her while she attempted to figure out the best buy on breakfast cereal. Girl got louder. Mom, perused the sugar crunchies, and bran cardboard. Girl let it rip. "AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaa". I have to say she had a healthy set of lungs on her. I'd say everybody in the entire super WalMart could hear her. She was that good. Such a loud scream wrapped up in such an angelic little face.

As I continued to shop, I periodically heard the "AAAAAaaaaaaa" from some other aisle. I smiled. I don't have young children, so I can.

I finally was finished with the buying of food staples. My family will be happy that they are not going to starve. I maneuvered my shopping cart into an available check out line--- behind two other people. I always pick the slow line. The cashier was personable, but slow. This always happens to me. I think it must be genetic. Can people have DNA that always, no matter what, attracts them to the slowest line in a store? Just sayin' that I am curious about that. It seems plausible.

Two lines over was harried mom with screaming tot. Girl was stuck in cart while mom unloaded groceries onto the conveyor belt. Girl yelled. Mom gave her "the look". Girl got quiet. She was probably thinking over her options. I had a feeling that little girl was going to get it when she got out to the mini van. Aaahhhhh.......the joys of parenting. Did I mention that I am glad to be past that stage? (Big smirk....I mean smile.)



  1. Recently my husband and I got to spend a week together at home while my mum had our children for us.

    We went shopping and couldn't help hut smile happily at other parents trying to control their cranky children.

    Is that mean?

  2. Ahh...Wal Mart. I used to insist on sitting in the car while others went in so I could count mullets in the parking lot.

    I've got that same genetic trait for choosing the slow line. Or maybe it's all in a name??...

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