Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturdays Are For Lazy

Today, here in small town Ohio, we are experiencing a nice sunny day. It stormed last night and swept out the heat and humidity. It is a nice break from the stifling heat of last week. There is a lot I love about summer, but the excessive heat is not one of them!

I thought I'd share some views from my front porch for this post.

*Lonnie looking at me through the window screen. He's so funny, always  "checking things out".

*Shamus enjoying the shade.

*The road that runs in front of my house.

*The llama field directly across from my driveway.

*A country star, that hubby and I are going to paint.

*The mailbox, standing proudly...with a crooked door...the survivor of an Ohio snow plow.


Enjoy your lazy, hazy day of summer!

1 comment:

  1. Nice pics of your view! Isn't it funny how our pets become such a natural part of the family farm life? Enjoy your lazy Saturday, and the new blog theme!