Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Frustration With A Capital F

I spent an entire HOUR on this morning's blog post, only to have my computer go wonky on me. I tried to save, but to no avail. All 60 minutes worth of writing...gone. Anger boiled up in me. I wanted to throw my computer across the room.
I am in the process of calming down right now. Maybe, I will try blogging again later.


  1. I'm so sorry that happened. Maybe those words weren't meant to be shared?

    I came over after reading your comment on week 5 of the 1000 Gifts video. What a testimony you have.

  2. Tracey,
    Funny that you should check in with me today and leave this comment. I think I've come to the same conclusion. I believe God might want me to learn some more about perspective. Sigh. I am most definitely a work in progress. BTW, I saw the picture of your sweet daughter in a bowl. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed that!
    I'm glad you are Reading One Thousand Gifts, too. Isn't it just life changing?

  3. There must be something more important that you are suppose to blog about??? It will come to you at the right time! Dianntha

  4. We've all had those moment's. I hope things get better soon. ((HUGS)))

  5. Agghh!! Dawn! I feel your pain. That happened to me before and I swear I was going to die! :( I hope you've had a de-stressing evening. Those are the days I order pizza! LOL.