Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm A Magazine Junkie

Among my many quirky tendencies, I admit that I have "a thing" for magazines. It's a relationship that I've lovingly cultivated through the years. As a teen I read Seventeen, and Tiger Beat (is Tiger Beat even still around? Sheesh. I feel old). As I got older (but, not necessarily more mature) my taste changed to Rolling Stone and Cosmopolitan. (I know...I used to be a heathen in my early 20's.) I got past that whole rebellious stage and moved on to Better Homes and Gardens, Country Living and Taste of Home. After all, anyone that knows me, knows I am a domestic goddess. Stop laughing. No, really. Stop it. I have gleaned much knowledge from magazines over the years. My home is fairly color coordinated and comfortable, I attempt to keep things making sure everyone in my family is at least clothed and fed, and, on a good day, I can put a meal on the table. I am not Paula Deen (I love her Christmas magazine!) but, hey I'm getting it done. That's all I've got to say about that.

All my magazines are great but, my piece de re'sistance are my Country magazines. I love to look at the pictures. LOVE, people. I really mean it. LOVE.  This month there is a breathtaking picture of  the mountains and foliage of southwestern Colorado. The color is so vibrant, I feel like I'm there. I wish I was there. Can I go there? I am getting excited because next month I will get the Oct./Nov. issue. Autumn in all it's glory. A little slice of Heaven bound up in the pages of my favorite magazine.

All this visual splendor causes the travel bug to bite me. HARD. I love to travel. I notice I'm using the word love a lot. Today's blog post is full of love. What can I say? When our kids are grown and have moved the year, hopefully earlier than that, my hubs and I are hitting the road. As in seeing the highways and bi-ways of the good 'ol  USA. I'm all over it. I've got travel books, maps, information for every national park in the country, off the beaten path types of places to visit, things to do, people to meet. I will work on my book as we travel down the highway. It's all a part of my bigger plan.

Oh, and don't feel sorry for our kiddos. We take them places now. They see things. We've been to numerous states with them. It's just that traveling sans the kiddos when we are older will be easier, I believe. 'Cause kids like to eat a lot and stuff. They slow you down 'cause they get bored easily. And they whine. ( Sorry, you're hungry. Gnaw on your arm. No, you are not getting the mega/gargantuan soda! What are you a camel? Storing fluid? If you don't pee you'll end up with a bladder infection. Yes, for cryin' out loud we're almost there. Only 6.5 more hrs. to go! )  It distracts me from my travel fantasy.

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