Thursday, January 7, 2010

God Is In The Small Things

It's snowing at my house.  Snow is piling up on the porch. As I looked at the snow I was reminded that each of those flakes is different. Each is unique. Each has a Creator. The stars in the heavens are in patterns. The moon has its phases.  The sun rises and sets each day. God is faithful to keep all of nature in order. If He cares that much about much more does He love and care for His children?

There are times when I allow myself to forget that even though God is Lord of all creation He still cares about me. He loves me.The God who knows how many grains of sand are on all the beaches of the world also sees every tear that rolls down my cheeks. He is with me when I'm getting the millionth load of laundry out of the washing machine. He is by my side when I get frustrated with children, can't seem to get all the dishes done, my schedule is totally falling apart, I can't find the book I'm looking for ANYWHERE, and when I then fall into bed exhausted. When I feel like a failure, He reassures me that I am worthy to Him...even though I'm not perfect. He does not expect perfection. He knows I can't be. He loves me anyway.

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