Friday, August 21, 2009

Life Is A Highway...

I thought I was driving down life's highway in a vintage convertible with the sun shining down on me, a breeze blowing through my hair, smiling and waving at other travelers. I was feeling rather carefree, actually. I had no idea what lay, up ahead....

Sometimes my GPS reroutes me.  I find myself on an unfamiliar road. I'm in a bad section of town. I wonder if I misunderstood the directions and then I begin to panic. I am utterly and completely lost. This is not how this was supposed to work out.

Then the car of my dreams breaks down, and I'm abandoned on the side of a dark road, what do I do?

That is how I've felt about life over the past several months. I thought things were going well. I thought the future looked bright. I was satisfied with the ways things were going for me...for my family. I was lulled into a false sense of security.   Then my car broke down and I was left on a very dark road, in the middle of a starless night.  Even my cell phone was unable to get a signal.  I tried and tried to talk...nothing but silence answered me. Silence.  Sometimes silence is much more unsettling then all the commotion and noise in life. I was scared.

Do I wait for help to arrive? Am I  missed? Do I kick my car and throw my GPS across the field? Do I try to walk alone in the dark? Or do I wait for my Father to come for me? Does my Father even care? Will He be able to find me, since I went off road? I feel very small and very insignificant. I long for my sunny, bright, convertible days as I wait in the dark. Lonely and crying.


  1. Wow girl. Hope that you are okay! Please, email if you need to talk...I am always ready to lend an ear or say a prayer. (((Hugs)))

  2. Hi Dawn,

    I've checked back several times and haven't seen any new posts from you. Is everything ok? Sorry to see you have been so down. When I get like that, sometimes it really helps to take a few days away from the news. Good luck working through it all.