Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Home Improvement Obsession

I have not blogged in a little over a week...and I feel like something is missing. How sad it that? I know I've become a full fledged blogging addict when on the drive back from Ohio I'm actually mulling over what I'm going to be blogging about this evening. I thought to myself, "Even if it's not earth shattering blogging information--I still need to type SOMETHING! My fingers are starting to twitch from lack of typing." (Is there such a thing as blogging twitch? Hey, maybe I'll Google that!)
I'm going to let you guys in on a little secret...okay, so it will no longer be a secret once I tell it, but, oh well....I was secretly excited about returning to Tennessee from my week in Ohio because I'd be able to watch HGTV at my leisure. Yes, you've heard it from the horses mouth. My husband is not a big fan of all the shows on that particular cable I don't get to watch it as much as I'd like (unless I quickly flip the channel from Fox news when he leaves the room)...but not this week. Woo hoo! I can be a home decor junkie! Even as I type I am watching Design to Sell....and yes, I love it! Rip up that old flooring! Repaint that room! Tile that old shower! Yes...I know it's a sickness. I probably should get therapy for my secret obsession....but, I really love that new hardwood flooring.

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