Sunday, March 29, 2009

Floor Sealant

Okay people, so talking about concrete floor sealant might not be a popular topic with many....but do I care about popularity? No. So therefore I am going to dedicate today's blog, in it's entirety, to the whole glorious floor sealing adventure.
Scott and I tackled the powering washing/squeegee/wet vac yesterday to prepare our new home's colored concrete floors for the sealing today. Our floors have what I now like to call the "Tuscany" look. The floors have color variations of brown with various color shades and striations. It has sort of a leather look about it. The sealant gives it a high gloss that is just plain cool looking.
I just hope Scott and I don't each grow a third eye, an extra appendage or have our skin turn a fluorescent green color due to breathing in toxic fumes all day. All this so we can have a beautiful, unique floor in our new house. Go figure.
Our new house (when it is done--and thank goodness it almost is!) is truly unique. I like to call our house a blend of traditional (beautiful cherry cabinetry, lots of handcrafted wood), industrial (with concrete floors, radiant floor heat and large windows), and shabby chic (the melding of two houses full of junk er.....I mean stuff.)
Yes, this house building thing is probably one of the hardest things Scott and I have ever done....but we've learned endurance, focus and vision throughout this ordeal. We are still happily married and plan on enjoying our new home very shortly.....even if we had to sacrifice some of our brain cells along the way for that slick new floor.


  1. Your house sounds beautiful! Can't wait to see some pictures!

  2. We used an Epoxy Sealer and then a Urethane Sealer on top of that. I thought I was going to have to move out of the house while the floor dried. That stuff is nasty. We used it here in the office too!