Monday, March 9, 2009

A Fashion Statement All My Own

If all I'm going to do is more of the same....packing 'til my eyes begin to cross.... why should I care what I look like? Comfort should be my ultimate goal, correct? So what if I look like a psychotic yard sale shopper? I have on a pair of leggings with a pair of cut off shorts over them and a T-shirt with an over sized sweater over it. The sweater has a hood attached to it...and I sometimes like to wear the hood because it makes me resemble an elf. Some pointy ears, and I could pass. Not a stitch of makeup on and my hair, well let's just say it is in it's "natural state". I think you are getting the picture.
I have a killer headache today....this time change thing has thrown me for a loop! So not only am I dressed like a vagabond, but I'm fighting the headache with extra strength Tylenol. At least I'm not having to take Benadryl. A couple of those pills and I am completely zonked out. I'm not kidding. I get loopy and then I fall over asleep. What can I say? One time when I had some really bad springtime allergies going on, I took a couple of Benadryl and was out of commission for a good 12 hours.
Well, I guess I should get back to work. If I have too. If I must. By the way, while packing I've noticed I own enough socks to cover the feet of a small army. I have a sock "thing". I fully admit it. I guess as far as addictions go that is relatively mild.....and one never knows when a good pair of socks will be just the thing to brighten a day. I already know I'm weird. Hey,don't make fun of me.

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