Monday, March 8, 2010

I'm At Critical Mass

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I'm sitting here in bed with my laptop propped on my knees. Yes, it's a Monday morning and yes, I have a list of things to do...and yet, here I am. I am sick. I've had the crud for the past 3 days,which by the way totally ruined my weekend. I am now at stage 3 of my cold. I am at the "sneeze until you have no brains left"  critical mass, stage. I have a pile of tissues on my night stand along with throat lozenges and other sundry types of medication. Gross, right? My big scientific question of the day is this---How in the world can so much snot get in one's head? Really. Seriously. I'm sick of snot.  My nose is raw....not my most attractive look.

Last night I probably slept all of about 2 hours. The rest of the time I coughed. And coughed some more. Oh yeah, and a little  more coughing in there for good measure. You get the picture. The more I wanted to sleep, the more I couldn't because my throat was dry and I coughed so hard I thought for sure I'd see my lung laying beside me. So, my throat is dry and my head is full of snot. This is just a cruel joke. To make it even worse, my sweet husband was sleeping like a rock. So unfair. I watched him sleep for awhile...just for my own amusement. I thought about giving him subliminal messages in his sleep about what a wonderful wife he has......see what happens when I'm awake in the middle of the night....and bored?

Since I was already awake at 3:15 am I thought, "well, I'll just go to the bathroom" know for something to do. On the way to my destination I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I scared myself. All I have to say is I have a renewed respect for my dear husband. He still loves me even when I look like THAT. Just sayin'.

My boys had this yuck last week. I'm sure it was they that infected me with the crud. It's all their fault. I think I will sneeze on them today as retribution. Or cough on their lunch. Or something to make myself feel better. At least all my kids are teens. It's not like I HAVE to get up and do anything for them. They can forage for themselves. Or starve. The choice is theirs.

When Mom is sick....the whole house suffers. It's the law of nature. I'm sure I read that somewhere.

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