Saturday, December 5, 2009

I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas...

Well, it snow flurried today. We are supposed to be getting some real snow on Monday. It sure is cold enough! The temps aren't supposed to get above the 30's all week! I say cold weather gives us a  perfect opportunity for hot chocolate and flavored mocha coffee. Hey, a girl has to have some vices....and mine happens to be chocolate. So there.  I'd love for it to snow....BUT before that happens I want the pantry to be stocked. I am all about preparedness. I want to look out the window at the snow. I might even play in the snow. I'll definitely take pictures of the white stuff.  I just don't want to have to traverse slippery roads in the snow. One car accident this year is enough. (it still makes me weepy to think about my Camry. R.I.P)

I thought for today's blog post I would post some of my Christmas decorating pictures.  I love my house all the time...but especially at Christmas. It just looks so pretty.



  1. Thanks for putting up the pictures, It really looks nice.

  2. Hi, I am glad you found my blog, so I in turn could find yours. I have put you on my blog list so I may return and read back some more.
    I am in the northwestern part of Ohio near Lake Erie.
    I notice you were a special needs teacher. We have had those in our lives for 14 years for our 17 year old daughter. We have had many that were complete angels for her.
    Thanks for the comment at my blog.

  3. I forgot to say how much I love your blog banner with the old books!!!!!

  4. Cute!

    I'm putting up my tree tonight. Wish me luck! I feel a little buyer's remorse because I bought a strand of lights for $8.99 at Target. I usually get the crappy ones at the .99 cent store, but this year I was selfish and got "fancy" ones!

    I am so cheap.