Saturday, June 26, 2010

True Beauty

I read something today that inspired me.

I read all the time...usually, not for long periods of time right now, as this season of my life doesn't really allow for that. Still, there are times when I will come across something that inspires me, causes me to think, shows me the simple, yet beautiful things of life.

No matter where we are in life, or under what circumstances...we can have beauty in our life. For those of you that think I am talking about a make-over that includes fashionable attire and a new, no. Not that makeovers aren't great, just not where I am heading with this. True beauty is much more than the physical. Those that possess true beauty are rare. Their beauty is exquisite, not because of flowing hair or perfect teeth. Their beauty comes not from the outside, but from the inside. Oh, you'll know her when you see her. You'll be drawn to her. You won't be able to take your eyes off of her. Not because she looks like a Vogue model, but  because she understands that real beauty can't be bought. It can only be given away.

When a mother looks deeply into her child's eyes and says, "I am so glad you are my child. What fun and adventure you have brought into my life. I love you more than you'll ever know."---and the child knows the beauty of words.

When a wife wraps her arms around her husband and kisses him for no reason in particular--- the man knows the beauty and importance of physical touch.

When a daughter shares memories with her mother... pieces of her heart...---the  mother knows the beauty of remembering.

When she takes time to listen a friend, with her full attention, no distractions....- and the friend knows and understands the beauty of being heard.

When someone takes time to hold a hand, or comfort the hurting... the one in pain knows the beauty of compassion.

When a woman, instead of arguing, chooses to instead hold her tongue...she shows the beauty of self control.

When she takes the time to build relationships and share her faith...the people she touches know the beauty of courage.

Each of us struggles. Most of us, everyday. But working on being beautiful is never a vain attempt.

Being beautiful is hard work. Not for the weak, or the self absorbed. Not for someone afraid of getting dirty, or someone who is scared.

Beauty takes it's toll over the years.

Though the outside appearance might fade with age, a true beauty will have, over all those years maintained her heart. As she looks in the mirror may she see not what the world sees....but, what God sees...for He looks on the heart.

May our hearts be beautiful to Him.

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